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The mission of the CCPOA is to prevent community deterioration, protect the environment and ecological balance of the Club Course community, provide a forum for discussion and to take appropriate action to ensure proper community maintenance and development.


The CCPOA has the responsibility for acting as a liaison with Sea Pines Community Services Association (CSA) and the Sea Pines Property Owners Association (SPPOA) with respect to security; traffic safety; and code and covenant matters.  When issues with the potential to impact the Club Course community arise, the CCPOA takes an active role to represent the interests of the property owners.  In addition, the CCPOA has the responsibility for maintaining the landscaped entrances located at Club Course Drive and Governors Road.


The CCPOA is managed by a Board of Directors comprised of volunteer property owners, dedicating the time and effort necessary to keep our community an attractive and safe residential area.  In sum, the CCPOA works to assure that …


Club Course is a great place to live!

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